Ever find yourself being called to the fridge AGAIN and eating late at night? Wondering why this keeps happening? Let’s learn some simple and profound tips to free ourselves from eating late at night.




May 20, 2020


We all have had those thoughts before that if we just had the willpower or self control we’d stop snacking and eating again late at night. Or if we just had the perfect diet none of this late night eating would happen.

Now I could give you a quick fix list of some practical tips to avoid those night cravings, but what I’ve learned is that we must get to the root of our late night eating. That the problem might not be having a jar of peanut butter or cookies in our home, but instead that we may need to relax and let off some stress. That our late night eating is actually a symptom of something deeper.

In this video, I’ll share 4 tips for stopping our late night eating.

Sending you love!

Xoxo – Em

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