Do you
  • Watch what you eat
  • Feel that when your clothes are tight or you look in the mirror, it can affect your mood
  • Want to feel better about food and your body
  • Want people to see and appreciate you just as you are
I know how this feels because that was me too

When I was 16, I remember sitting at the dinner table and being told, “You should cut back on your portion size. You look like you’re gaining weight.” This wasn’t the first time my Mom told me what to do or what to eat. But for some reason, it hurt more than ever. These words felt out of place. The food we ate was quick, cheap, and familiar. I wanted to be healthy. I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t comfortable experimenting in the kitchen.

I was embarrassed by how I thought I looked to other people. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t get past what was staring back at me. It felt disgusting. Everywhere you look there are thin, beautiful people, and I just wanted to be like them. I decided to focus on the one thing that I could control, my weight.

Almost overnight, I changed my diet and became obsessed with calories

If my jeans felt tight, it would even affect my mood. I wasn’t eating much and labeling the food I used to enjoy as “bad.”

It became uncomfortable eating around other people. I started making excuses and trying anything not to be social. This felt good at the moment but left me with a lot of guilt. People started giving me compliments about my weight. This encouraged me to keep up my new image, but I was hungry. So I started to sneak food when no one was around.

Then my little habit of sneaking food turned into binge eating:

  • I felt ashamed
  • I felt unattractive
  • I compared myself to others
  • I began to hear that I looked unwell

It had become a never-ending cycle. My lies were starting to hurt the ones I loved. I had been to therapy, overeater’s anonymous and tried doing it by myself. This wasn’t working, something needed to change.

It was never about the food.

The focus wasn’t on fixing my relationship with it, but rather how I had been depriving myself of so many other things in life that are important – love, relationships and positive thoughts.

By focusing on one small thing at a time, I began to move forward and see progress.

Instead of listening to my negative stories and thoughts, I focus on taking one baby step at a time. This is huge for me having spent 15 years trapped by food and emotions. But by no longer feeling overwhelmed, I began to thrive!

I started A Kind Spoon to teach you simple and profound practices. I want to help you:

  • Eat because you actually like the taste
  • Go to bed feeling fulfilled and wake up energized
  • Become the person your kids or future kids want to see themselves in
  • Look in the mirror and feel confident
There is a reason you’re here today.

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I want this
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