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Bye Bye Emotional Eating Jumpstart

Ditch junk food, binge eating, and midnight snacks for good.


Hey I get it

Emotional eating is a real struggle.

It’s like a rollercoaster, leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated. But deep down, you want to stop and have a future where food is just food.

With my help, over 100 people have stopped emotional eating – and now you can too.

This jumpstart will teach

You what I did to lose 30 pounds and stop overeating without counting calories or going to the gym.

One-Time Offer Bonuses

  • BONUS:  Get going and keep going by messaging me your questions for 14 days. ($200 Value)

  • BONUS:  Hear stories from people who’ve gone through what you’re going through. ($100 Value)

What You’ll Learn

  • In under an hour, you’ll discover an easy way to kick emotional eating to the curb. No more struggling with motivation or willpower.

  • Three simple steps to stay on track, no matter what happens.

  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and realize you’re not alone.

  • How to stop worrying so much about food and your body.

You can rewatch the videos whenever you want.


**Not a typo ^^ No extra hidden costs.

14-Day Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

I’ve created this mini-course after five years of working with hundreds of people.

If it doesn’t get you any closer to stopping emotional eating, message me.

What People Are Saying


“I said for so long that I should do this or that to the point where my family said you’ll never change.

Then, Emily showed up and helped me believe in myself. I lost 45 lbs since I started working with Emily. I inspired my two sisters to get healthy.”

“Emily made it easy for me to prioritize and take action without ever feeling overwhelmed. I used to tell myself that I should work out for an hour which would never happen. 

Thanks to Emily, I have more time-management skills, regular gratitude practice, and workout consistently for 10 minutes.”



“I felt like Emily came into my life and invited me to keep moving forward. In the past, I never stuck with courses long enough to see if they worked.

Emily was different and said this is how you start small and take this at your own pace. And that was a game-changer.


**Not a typo ^^ No extra hidden costs.