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Food Freedom Jumpstart

Ditch junk food, binge eating, and midnight snacks for good.


Hey I get it

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, or thinking about food 24/7? 

You’ve tried everything under the sun. You’ve logged your food, avoided sugar and carbs, and even drank green juice.

But then, just one cookie can make everything fall apart. It’s like your brain switches off, and you can’t stop eating.

So you say f*ck it and swear this is the last time. 

But the problem is this happens again and again. It’s frustrating and you wonder how you even got to this point. 

Trust me, I understand. I’ve been there.

Picture this: I just moved to Bali and was building my dream home with my husband. I ate all the “healthy” things during the day. However, at night, when no one was around, I’d sneak to the kitchen and eat. And eat. And eat.  

I thought controlling what I ate would help, but the more I tried, the worse it got.

Recipe for Healthy Brownies Emily

One day things got really bad

A stranger at an ATM asked if I was pregnant. I was not freaking pregnant. 

When I told my husband, his response was, “Well, yeah, because you’re fat.” 

WHAT?! 😳 He quickly realized his mistake and apologized right away. That sparked a serious talk, it was time for a change.

I became determined to find food freedom without relying on crazy diets or intense workouts.

It became my full-time mission for the last six years. Now, I’m ready to spill all the details and teach you how to do it too. Because that’s how I roll.


The 21 Day Food Freedom Jumpstart 

A LIVE training and Q&A where you will learn: 

  • How to discover an easy and enjoyable way to ditch unhealthy food cravings

  • Where to start and exactly what to do for less than a therapy session or gym membership (under $100)

  • How to eat like a normal person and get off the food rollercoaster for good

  • Three simple steps to stay on track, no matter what comes your way

  • How to make gaining food freedom easier than ordering your favorite takeout

One-Time Offer Bonuses

  • BONUS:  Get going and keep going by messaging me your questions for 14 days. ($200 Value)

  • BONUS:  Hear stories from people who’ve gone through what you’re going through. ($100 Value)

What You’ll Learn

  • In under an hour, you’ll discover an easy way to kick emotional eating to the curb. No more struggling with motivation or willpower.

  • Three simple steps to stay on track, no matter what happens.

  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and realize you’re not alone.

  • How to stop worrying so much about food and your body.

You can rewatch the videos whenever you want.


**Not a typo ^^ No extra hidden costs.

14-Day Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

I’ve created this mini-course after five years of working with hundreds of people.

If it doesn’t get you any closer to stopping emotional eating, message me.

What People Are Saying


“I said for so long that I should do this or that to the point where my family said you’ll never change.

Then, Emily showed up and helped me believe in myself. I lost 45 lbs since I started working with Emily. I inspired my two sisters to get healthy.”

“Emily made it easy for me to prioritize and take action without ever feeling overwhelmed. I used to tell myself that I should work out for an hour which would never happen. 

Thanks to Emily, I have more time-management skills, regular gratitude practice, and workout consistently for 10 minutes.”



“I felt like Emily came into my life and invited me to keep moving forward. In the past, I never stuck with courses long enough to see if they worked.

Emily was different and said this is how you start small and take this at your own pace. And that was a game-changer.


**Not a typo ^^ No extra hidden costs.