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Bye Bye Emotional Eating Jumpstart

Learn the exact steps I used to drop 30 lbs and stop emotional eating without counting calories or going to the gym.

Here’s What You Get

  • In under an hour, you’ll discover an easy way to kick emotional eating to the curb. No more struggling with motivation or willpower.

  • Three simple steps to stay on track, no matter what happens.

  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and realize you’re not alone.

  • How to stop worrying so much about food and your body.

  • BONUS: Get going and keep going by messaging me your questions for 14 days. ($200 Value)

  • BONUS: Hear stories from people who’ve gone through what you’re going through. ($100 Value)

All this for $47 USD

“I said for so long that I should do this or that to the point where my family said you’ll never change.

Then, Emily showed up and helped me believe in myself. I lost 45 lbs since I started working with Emily. I fell back in love with my husband. I inspired my two sisters to get healthy.”


“Emily made it easy for me to prioritize and take action without ever feeling overwhelmed. I used to tell myself that I should work out for an hour which would never happen.

Thanks to Emily, I have more time-management skills, regular gratitude practice, and workout consistently for 10 minutes.”