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$247.00 USD per month

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100% Risk-Free. 30-Day Guarantee.

Personalized Monthly Support

No automated responses, no cookie-cutter solutions—just real support, regular check-ins, and personalized follow-ups to help you stop binge eating.

Here’s What You Get

  • 2 one-on-one calls: Connect with someone who truly understands your struggles and can guide you to find what works for you.

  • How to reprogram your mind to eat mindfully and feel satisfied without overindulging.

  • Gain access to 5 healthy coping tools that you can use in minutes to manage stress and emotions.

  • Uncover the underlying issues that drive binge eating and address them head-on.

  • BONUS: Stay on track with 30 days of messaging support as you work towards a specific goal and embrace a new, empowered identity. ($200 Value)

  • BONUS: A Step Forward Course. Follow the 7-module course that guides you through the exact system I used to drop 30 lbs and end binging. ($700 Value)

All this for $247 USD per month

“I said for so long that I should do this or that to the point where my family said you’ll never change.

Then, Emily showed up and helped me believe in myself. I lost 45 lb since I started working with Emily. I fell back in love with my husband. I inspired my two sisters to get healthy.”


“Emily made it easy for me to prioritize and take action without ever feeling overwhelmed. I used to tell myself that I should work out for an hour which would never happen.

Thanks to Emily, I have more time-management skills, regular gratitude practice, and workout consistently for 10 minutes.”


“Could I ever have imagined turning the wheel and going in a different direction instead of binge eating?

No, I am amazed at how much the little things Emily taught me changed my life. Emily was the first person I told I binge eat in 50 years.

She connected with me in a way that no one has.”