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Here’s What You Get

  • Breakthrough System (Valued at $1997)

  • 8-week course to reprogram your mind and find food freedom (Valued at $2997)

  • 8 group calls to help you build massive self-confidence (Valued at $2997)

  • Weekly workbook to reflect and take action (Value $1897)

  • Personal messages from Em to keep you accountable (Value $2997)

  • BONUS: Meditation resources to stay calm no matter what life throws (Valued at $99)

  • BONUS: 1-on-1 Breakthrough call with Em to discover what works for you (Priceless)

All this for 3 payments of $433 USD

“This course has 100% changed my life. It feels like a dream. My mom said she finally has her daughter back. My partner wants to get healthier. I’m going back to school – something I once thought wasn’t possible.”

Taylor Plain

“Could I ever have imagined turning the wheel and going in a different direction instead of binge eating?

No, I am amazed at how much the little things Emily taught me changed my life. Emily was the first person I told I had an eating disorder in over 50 years.

She connected with me in a way that no one has. These days I’m saying yes to things that make me feel good.”

Amy Devenport